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Protect your savings and prepare for retirement

If the person you depend on most to create a comfortable retirement is you, we can help. A fixed index annuity from Allianz Life allows you to:

Take advantage of market growthHand holding a flower, indicating growth potential

Take advantage of market growth

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Protect your money if the market drops

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Leave a legacy

Use our annuity calculator to see how much retirement income is possible.

This calculator determines your retirement income through purchase amount, current age, retirement age, and income options.

Mark & Anna

Mark and Anna are both 45 years old and are concerned about having enough income for their retirement expenses. Anna has a 401(k) plan through her work, but Mark is worried they are too heavily invested in the markets. They would like to use some of Anna’s 401(k) to purchase an annuity through ReadySet, so they can continue to have the opportunity for tax-deferred growth, with a level of protection from market loss. They plan to start receiving joint income at age 68, and choose the option for fixed income.

Income Calculator

Benefits of a fixed index annuity include:

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You can benefit from market growth by choosing the potential to earn interest based on positive changes in the market indexes you’re tracking. Or, choose to earn interest at a consistent rate that’s established at the beginning of each contract year. (Or do both!)

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Because your money is not actually invested in the market, it’s never at risk of losing value due to drops in the market (although rider fees can reduce your value). Any interest you earn is locked in, and can’t be lost to market volatility. (Wouldn’t it have been nice to have this kind of protection during the market plunge of 2008?)

AnnuitizingThree dollar symbols over a line

Guaranteed income

You’re guaranteed to receive your minimum income amount – but if you choose income with the potential to increase, your income can go up based on market index performance and the crediting method you select. Whatever option you select, your income will continue for the rest of your life – no matter how long you live.

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Flexible purchase options

You can fund your annuity with a single lump-sum payment from your savings or by transferring part of an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account. And after the initial purchase amount, you can make additional contributions to your annuity during the first three contract years.

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Tax-deferred growth

During the years before you retire, any and all growth in value of your annuity is tax-deferred. When compounded over time, this can increase the amount that your annuity can provide for retirement income.

Death BenefitsA family tree

Leaving a legacy

If you die before you start receiving annuity payments, your beneficiary(ies) will receive the value of your annuity.

71% would prefer a financial product with a lower return that’s guaranteed not to lose value over a product with a higher return that’s vulnerable to market downturns.

The Allianz Generations Ahead Study 2017

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An annuity is only as strong as the company behind it.

Annuities through ReadySet are backed by the financial strength and stability of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. High ratings from independent rating agencies reflect our stability, integrity, and strong balance sheet. Since 1896, through good times and bad, Allianz has been keeping its promises to our customers.

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